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Stock Exchange

Investment & Funding

Follow the money, as they say.  Indeed, significant signals of change can be found by following where private investment and government and non-profit funding goes for transportation and mobility.  This webpage lists a sample of websites to search for start-up incubators & accelerators and federal and state governmental funding.  Planners benefit from monitoring what businesses investors invest in and what the government chooses to fund some projects and not others.  

Start-Up Incubators & Accelerators

Incubators and accelerators (I & A) are some of the first to see the next generation of start-ups with new technologies, services, and ideas to bring to the market and transportation system.  Thus, they are an excellent source for signals of change.  I & A are a must to include in the scenario planning process.  Their portfolio of start-ups provides a potential wealth of signals of change and their representatives provide invaluable insights to capture in surveys, interviews, and focus groups.  Below are links to some incubators and accelerators active in supporting mobility-related companies; there are certainly more around the world to find and include.   

VC & Private Investment Databases

An internet search revealed three databases dedicated to listing companies and their sources of private investment (e.g., equity, venture capital).  Those are highlighted in this subsection; all three require a paid subscription though some offer a limited amount of data on a free trial basis.  The user should be aware that the databases rely heavily on self-reporting of the fundraises by the start-ups so the information may not be accurate or complete.    

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