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What is SAMfT?

SAMfT stands for Scenario Archetype Methodology for Transportation.   The purpose of the methodology is to explore the different options for the future of transportation.  

Cities, counties, MPOs, states, the federal government, and businesses make decisions based on their expectations of the future transportation system. 


An almost infinite set of possible transportation scenarios exist, so what scenario(s) should be developed and considered?  The SAMfT describes a way to generate diverse transportation scenarios useful for evaluating future-proofing of projects, reducing risk through reactive and proactive strategies, and primarily through the use of scenario archetypes, critical uncertainties, and polarities/spectrums.


Perhaps in one future, the car continues to dominate the landscape for intracity and intercity travel and becomes more automated and connected. 


Or in another alternate future, cars take a back seat to the emergence of a robust intercity maglev network that whisks travelers at high-speeds to other cities, where travelers then bike, walk, or take a low-speed vehicle to their destinations. 


Or what if science fiction becomes reality in the next 20 years and quantum computing forms the backbone of a highly-responsive, just in time mobility service? 


To make the task of developing future transportation scenarios manageable and productive, SAMfT uses scenario archetypes as the basis.  

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